We create autonomous behaviour within drones and robots to solve real challenges.


The software for drive.it focuses on autonomous driving and basic obstacle avoidance based on sensory inputs. It maps out a 2D-grid and stores information of whether or not there is an obstacle in a cell. Drive.it uses an Arduino micro controller and C++ combined with Arduino librairies. The sensor is a sonar that has a range of 1,5 meters, in our usage we mainly focus on a range of about 30 cm in order to increase accuracy. It is possible to control the movement of the motors through our software making the drive able to stay in the grid. Drive.it will in the future focus on path finding as well as recalling previous travelled journeys and traverse them faster.


The code focuses on creating movement for the robotic arm and it’s four joints by controlling the different servo motors and combining them to the board. Each servo motor has its own pin on the board, which is utilized by the program. Each joint has a servo motor that is programmed to move within specific degrees. The technology used for this software is an Arduino as micro controller and the programming language we use is AVR C, which we program in Atmel Studio. The next steps regarding this software is to program all motors to do a specific task as well as react and modify its behaviour based on sensory inputs that are received in the software.


The RAD.op is our robot and drone operation system. It handles all the basic features of a drone as well as a robot. The code is modular by design and handles the hardware differently depending on whether it is a drone or a robot. RAD.op is written in AVR C and is currently being run on an Arduino Mega which we use as both the flight board as well the control board for the robot. The software focuses on autonomous behaviour and programmed journeys that replaces the general transmitter minimizing human errors. The future steps for RAD.op is to focus on optimizing the existing basic features and implementing a more advanced autonomous behaviour.


The software dispense.it is created for the dispensing robot that automatically dispenses the desired pill from a container within it. The software logs the different pills and the amount in an external database from which it selects a pill and moves it to the dispensing module of the robot. We use a Raspberry Pi as micro controller and write the software in Python. The software will control the motors to rotate and open the right pill container. The next steps regarding the software is to be able to identify the different pills by barcodes and to create a human machine interface.


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