We are currently working with different cases that combines our hardware and software to solve identified problems.

Medicinal Robot

Our medicinal robot is developed in cooperation with the local elderly center, Frydenholm, where there is a need for a mobile, flexible and digital medicinal solution. Using our dispensing mechanism combined with our dispense.it software, we have a present case focused on dispensing medicine. The staff uses approximately 25% of their time to count, distribute, check, give and document the medicine procedure instead of spending valuable time with the residents. We are working on eliminating the most time consuming parts of the procedure with a mobile medicine locker, that has the ability to scan and portion a residents medicine automatically. We are developing the solution in close relation with the staff and users to ensure the robot delivers the desired experience.


Using the same mechanism as for the medicinal robot, we will use this dispensing robot to fight rats, a worldwide plague to humanity because of the many dangerous viruses they carry. Decreasing the rat population is a task for every municipality in Denmark and this task is both dirty and dangerous for humans to do. We are currently developing a case for the Rotbot making it possible to carry various rat poison and locate rat colonies with cameras and sensors mounted on the robot. Humans are too big and fragile to access the environment and homes of rat colonies, primarily in sewers, why robots are needed to keep humans safe and decrease the rat population of Denmark.

Autonomous drone

The hexacopter combines both propellers and ducted fans to create a new kind a thrust. The ducted fans will primarily be in charge of a powerful take-off while the propellers will take over once the drone has reached the desired altitude. This combination gives the drone the best from each technology regarding thrust. The entire drone frame is 3D-printed with a solid and lightweight design. The frame arms are modular and can easily be changed to only use propellers or ducted fans or the combination which we are currently working with. The hexacopter has a robotic arm attached underneath which is powered by solar panels on the top to use as much green energy as possible. The hexacopter can both be controlled autonomously and with a transmitter.


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